Prospect Lefferts Brick Townhouse

This 2.5-story single-family home was blessed with a coveted side driveway and an existing garage. The home was given a new layout, new rear addition and a roof deck. Large picture windows were installed on two sides of the building addition flooding the family dining room with light. The garage was transformed into an art/sculpture studio.

An existing magnolia tree shades the rear deck, providing a green haven off of one of the bedrooms. Owners opted for modern interiors, which gave BHA the opportunity to use reveals at bases, crowns and casings rather than the more traditional wood moldings. Existing stained glass windows were carefully restored and reinstalled and existing floor joists were cut, planed and reused to build an elegant staircase. The structural stair components were constructed of mill finish steel. Metal mesh panels doubled as a safety feature and a delightful backdrop for hanging art, plants and memos.

Custom designed linear light surrounds the mirror and vanity at the master bathroom. Slatted doors at the laundry closet fold open to give full-width access to washer/dryer and sink.

BHA Project Manager: Ilva Skaraine
BHA Interior Designer: Markie Mello
Photographer: Brett Beyer


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