Rooftop Addition: What’s it going to look like (outside)?

What’s it going to look like (outside)?

Existing and proposed


We are planning to have a cable railing at the lower and upper decks of the building- I very much like the ones at the new Whitney Museum as they are really quite minimal. The lower guard rail will be behind the existing cornice of the building and may not need to extend much above the cornice depending on what height the deck ends up being relative to the cornice.

Cable rail

For the deck surfaces, we are planning on lightweight, light-colored concrete pavers set on leveling pedestals. They will probably look like these that we did on another project:


Windows and doors
The windows and doors will be from JeldWen and be black aluminum on the exterior and wood painted white on the interior.


The siding which will be on the front and back and on the exposed full length of the new addition will be standing-seam lead-coated copper. A few of us from the office went on a field trip to B & B Sheet Metal in Queens where the standing seam panels will be fabricated. Lead-coated copper is a very durable material and has been primarily used for roofs (especially near the ocean) when builders want a 100-year material. The lead coat keeps the copper from getting that green patina that stains nearby surfaces. As much as I love green copper, I also really like the variation in the lead such as the scratches and gouges and other types of marks. We had a very small sample so we wanted to go to the source to make sure that we would like the look for an entire panel.

The field trip was really interesting. B&B is huge. Here is just a portion:
B&B Sheet Metal

And here is an automatic, double-sided brake that we got to see in action:
B&B Sheet Metal

The lead coated copper sheets look like this:
Lead coated copper sheets

B&B is going to fabricate snap-on +/-12” wide ‘standing seam’ panels for us. I asked them if they would send a few sample panels and, hopefully, we will get those in the next few days.

Next time – It’s on!