Ta Daaaa!

Ta Daaa! Colorful in Cobble Hill

We have a new project up on the site, full of color and pattern. This already-renovated brick town home didn’t need a major overhaul, but the new owners did need some clever storage, cheerful patterns, and a brighter palette.

Check out the photos, and ponder: would you rather have that amazing Josef Frank wallpaper in the entry, or the whimsical balloon wallpaper on the nursery ceiling?

Both? Yeah, us too.

Ta Daaaa! New project reveal

Carroll Gardens Brownstone Kitchen
Blue is the new white, if you ask us.

Check out our newest finished project, the Carroll Gardens Landmarked Brownstone. This lovely home manages to feel quiet and serene, even with a generous application of unusual colors and bold, quirky details. Do you love an arched doorway as much as we do? Go take a peek!