Rooftop Addition: Closing Up

We got a roof on the front deck and got the walls closed up with new windows at the rear and sliding doors at the front. We have framed up all of the interior walls and ceilings and even got our fireplaces installed. We are now ready for the plumber, electrician and HVAC sub to start their work.

Closing Up 1

The sliding doors in front are seen above.

Closing Up 2

Here is the front deck with the back of the cornice roofed-over.

Closing Up 3

The picture above shows (part of) the rear windows at the bedroom.

Closing Up 4

The photo above shows the interior framing of the space. The windows for the master bedroom can be seen in the background.

Closing Up 5

The picture above shows the bathroom. We plan to remove the saw before we start using the space for bathing.

Closing Up 6

The interior fireplace is set (see above). We also have begun building in the exterior fireplace (below). The chimney will get stucco and the fireplace surround will be limestone.

Closing Up 7

Next time – plumbing, electrical and / or mechanical work!