Rooftop Addition: Almost There…

Thanks Julia for the great choices shown in the last post.

This current blog installment is a hodge-podge of pictures showing the progress on the site since last time.  I think the house will be move-in-able by the end of the month if we choose to get in then.   We may, however, wait for the GC to finish all punch-list items.  This is always a good idea if you can do it.  Progress slows down quite a bit when a contractor has to work around your family and your things and they spend a good deal of otherwise productive time protecting your items or cleaning up afterwards.  If they can hand you the keys on a 100% complete project, it will be a smoother process for all involved.  We may be too eager to hold off until then- only time will tell.

To the pictures!

First off- the façade is nearly complete.  Below is a picture of the lead-coated copper, standing seam panels installed at the rear façade of the addition:

This next picture shows the bottom of the panels below the master bathroom window. We have added a ‘cap’ below with an Azek crown (PVC that looks like wood) that we will paint black. This provides a nice transition between the brick façade and the dentil course of bricks with the metal panels above. It would be nice to paint or replace the neighbor’s white rain leader on the right side of the picture as well but that is not part of our property…

I’m pleased to say that the old joist floor treads are in place (see picture below). We will paint the steel black and add a steel handrail with a wood cap to the staircase.

The sheetrocking / priming is also done. The interior fireplace came out really well with a nice recessed shadowline around the fireplace and a blank expanse of sheetrock above to project movies on.

The ‘mud’ is ready for tile and stone in the master bath. An electric radiant mat will be added in the thinset layer just below the tiles. See image below:

The wood flooring has all been installed and looks great:


On the front of the building, most of the lead coated copper paneling has been installed.  They have also begun to lay out the pavers. Although the deck is pitched to the drain in the center, the pavers sit on adjustable pedestals (the black things under the pavers on the right side of the picture below) which are threaded and can be fine-tuned to create a level walking surface above a pitched roof below. Rain and snow melt will find the drain below through the gaps between the pavers.


Next time we should have the bathroom tiled and the walls painted and be ready for furniture.

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