Ta Daaa! Colorful in Cobble Hill

We have a new project up on the site, full of color and pattern. This already-renovated brick town home didn’t need a major overhaul, but the new owners did need some clever storage, cheerful patterns, and a brighter palette.

Check out the photos, and ponder: would you rather have that amazing Josef Frank wallpaper in the entry, or the whimsical balloon wallpaper on the nursery ceiling?

Both? Yeah, us too.

Please Excuse Our Dust… (double-height demo)

Forget before-and-afters; these are Durings. It’s a super-quick peek at the long, dusty part. Let us peel back the sheetrock and show you how the sausage gets made.

Need a little bit of light? I think we’ve got you covered.

TBT Before & After: Crown Heights Limestone

Welcome to a new feature on the BHA blog: before and afters! Every Thursday we will dig up old photos of our finished projects for some satisfying eye candy.  These may include the traditional ‘before’ of what the property looked like when we first measured the space, but we may also show the projects at various points in the construction, from studs to sheetrock to finished professional photos.  It’s hard sometimes to envision how a dramatic change in layout might actually feel in your home, but these may inspire you to take the plunge.

There are few things in life more satisfying than a good old fashioned make-over.  Ugly Ducklings, rejoice!


Today’s Throwback is from our Crown Heights Limestone project, which remains a legend in the BHA office as one of the most intense ‘before’ houses we have measured.  The photos convey some of the dark, rabbit-warren feel of the neglected rooms, but they do not convey the smell.  With Project Manager Ilva Skaraine at the wheel, the floorplan got a meticulous reworking to maximize light and function, but original details and vintage fixtures helped keep the soul of the place intact.  Hop into the wayback machine and take a ride. (more…)

Rooftop Addition: Moving Day

Hallelujah! We are substantially complete with the project and we had movers come this weekend.  We are working on furnishings and window treatments, hanging art and unpacking.  We will settle in a bit and then I will get some professional photographs taken of the space and post them on the website. (more…)

Rooftop Addition: Minor Setback (!)

Major renovations have many moving parts and, usually, at least one thing goes wrong along the way.  In this case, we have had some problems with the ‘stone’ that is going up on the walls of our bathroom.  (more…)

Rooftop Addition: Almost There…

Thanks Julia for the great choices shown in the last post.

This current blog installment is a hodge-podge of pictures showing the progress on the site since last time.  I think the house will be move-in-able by the end of the month if we choose to get in then.   (more…)