Rooftop Addition: Opening Up

A lot has happened since the last installment. We tore off the roof, opening up the house to the elements. It rained hard (as predicted) but not much made it in to the house. (more…)

Rooftop Addition: The Roof

The addition is now all ‘bulked-out’ and the true size and shape can be seen. We are on the verge of tearing the existing roof and starting to close the building back up.

Roof 1 (more…)

Rooftop Addition: The Wall

Our new rooftop addition will be framed in the same way as the rest of the house – joists spanning from the party wall on one side to the party wall on the other side. One neighbor’s house is one story taller than ours, so the party wall is already built up. On the other side, we need to build up the party wall to the height of our addition. (more…)

Rooftop Addition: What’s it going to look like (inside)?

What’s it going to look like (inside)?

I think we will go somewhat ‘clean’, bright and not-too-traditional with this new story. I put most of the material decisions in the hands of Julia Conti, one of the interior designers here at BHA, and she has sold me on several options including black faucets (!) in the bathroom. (more…)